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Chatbus works together with other organisations including

  • Public Health Nurses
  • Oranga Tamariki
  • Child & Family Mental Health Services
  • Police Education Officers
  • Youth Aid
  • Women's Refuge
  • Social Workers in School
  • School Staff
What Does ChatBus Offer?

As with other counselling services, client confidentiality is protected, unless the counsellor believes that a person is in danger of serious harm.  If this is the case, the school Principal is notified.

The children need to know that they can talk safely without their conversation being repeated.  But if there is something you need to know, the counsellor will talk to your child about this before you are contacted, so they can understand the importance of having mum or dad involved.

Sometimes parents will be contacted to support the work that happens at school, or to offer you support in working with challenging behavior. 

Teachers are aware of who visits ChatBus, but they are not informed of what your child talks about, unless it concerns the classroom.  if your child talks about what is happening at home, this information is protected.


Children today face a number of issues that cause them worries.

Sometimes they face challenges at school with friendships, or bullying.

Sometimes they face challenges at home, such as parents fighting, blended families, separation or divorce, family violence, grief etc. 

Sometimes they face challenges from within such as fears or anxieties, nightmares, or behaviour problems. 

Often when children have worries, their learning is affected because they are distracted and have difficulty concentrating in class.

Worries are common among children, and a little bit of professional support can help them with strategies to cope and overcome their challenges.

We all know that "a problem shared is a problem halved."

  • Free professional counselling in a familiar setting
  • Opportunity to talk and be listened to without judgement
  • the development of interpersonal skills while accessing support
  • Opportunity to develop resilience
  • Life skills for the present
  • Hope for the future
  • Children gain an understanding of their own uniqueness and worth
You can Help

ChatBus is a registered charitable trust.  You can invest in the well being of the children in our city by becoming a ChatBus supporter.

Donate $5 (or more) each week as ongoing support for ChatBus by setting up an automatic payment.

ChatBus South Bank Account:

03 1746 0056515 000

Alternatively search for and donate to our "Chatbus Invercargill" Givealittle page.



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