Our History

The School has a strong history with the first school being opened on 27 January 1891. The roll grew quickly and at the beginning of 1892 another building was erected.  
In 1945 a fire destroyed the existing school and the current classroom block was built.
 In 2004, as a result of the Invercargill School’s review, a new multi-purposed/library was added to the east end of the classroom block.  These major renovations, over the years, have resulted in the school having very modern, well-resourced classroom environments for its students.  
In 2011, the Board of Trustees’ continued to meet the demands for classroom space by providing a second multi-purpose room.  
In 2015 the Board introduced a compulsory uniform which has developed pride in our community.  
In 2016 the school introduced Positive Behaviour For Learning (PB4L) which continues to see the school grow and develop positive attitudes towards students learning. 2016 was the School’s 125th Jubilee (see right)
In April 2017, the school opened a new administration area and boiler system.  These developments contribute to a forward moving, positive and very supportive educational environment supported by its community.

In March 2022 a new toilet block and LSC space were opened.​​

Our Koru's meaning

The Past: The school’s foundation: the solid base with the wooden surround (made from the old administration floor boards) representing the development of a sound community based educational environment.

The Present: The stem: growing and meeting today’s educational opportunities in a forever-changing world.

The Future: The bulb: ever evolving to meet the educational challenges of the unknown – always keeping children at its heart.

Supporters and Sponsors

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